Deposition Services


The Varhley Court Reporting Deposition Team was built to provide the highest level of services and support to our clients. We maintain world-class staff and experienced, professional court reporters and case managers. Our team is well versed in complex litigation, legal subject matters, and all types of legal proceedings.

Many agencies hire their reporters through intermediaries. This separation leaves room for error in the quality of the reporting and the timeliness of the delivery. Varhley Court Reporting communicates directly with the reporters that we use, allowing instantaneous availability, delivery monitoring, and client requests. Our staff and reporters are aware of the high expectations of the legal community. As a result, they are focused on punctuality, demeanor, speed, and accuracy.

Varhley Court Reporting maintains a state-of-the-art client portal, making digital delivery a breeze. Our fully encrypted, private portal allows the exchange of legal documents instantaneously or as a reference while documents are being delivered.

Our Areas of Expertise


Varhley Court Reporting has been providing interpretation services since its inception. We will provide interpreters for any language, region or dialect, and are happy to save you time in finding interpreters.


When written documentation is not enough, Varhley Court Reporting turns to professional videographers. For over three decades, we have been building partnerships with the top, legal, multimedia specialists in order to provide the highest quality services at depositions. Our video professionals are well versed in legal matters and need no explanation of their duties. A fast turn-around time and digital repositories make the transfer of digital video secure and seamless.

Varhley Court Reporting offers certified specialists in:

  • Videotaped litigation
  • Videoconferencing
  • Day-In-the-life video
  • Site survey video
  • Demonstration video


If your deposition is recorded in another language and an interpreter is not available, you need translation services. Varhley Court Reporting has created partnerships with local translation firms that are qualified and experienced in working with legal professionals. Translation can be complicated when dealing with depositions, as every word counts. Our partner firms know the gravity of these translations and have proven their expertise by their long-term history of quality services. Make every word accurate by using Varhley Court Reporting.

Deposition Suites

Deposition suites are available in New Brunswick and throughout the Tri-state area. These professional and upscale locations serve as excellent meeting locations for depositions. Contact our scheduling team today to learn more.

Remote Depositions

The digital age has changed the way the international community handles communication. Remote depositions are a great example of how technology and law can interact to make our lives easier. Using state-of-the-art technology, Varhley Court Reporting can facilitate remote depositions from anywhere in the world. Our secure connections offer privacy; while our technology provides the best clarity and resolution.

Expedited Services

When time counts, Varhley Court Reporting is there. If a document is needed within a week or next day, choose our expedited option to guarantee your transcript will arrive by a specific date.

For incredibly time-sensitive matters, our Real Time service is available. Automatic stenographic decryption occurs, allowing multiple attorneys to see, in real time, what the stenographer is typing during a deposition. Varhley Court Reporting has created relationships with these specially trained reporters to provide this service.

Real Time

For when expedited services are just not fast enough, Varhley Court Reporting is pleased to announce our latest service offering: Real Time. A Real Time deposition is performed by a skilled and specially trained stenographer on a unique device. The device relays the deposition electronically as it is being typed, translates the reporter’s short-hand, and displays the full dialogue to a viewing attorney. This service allows for immediate viewing and reference. For more information on Real Time services, please contact our office.